Meet Aquilo Ribeiro’s land

The best of country life, are even the simplest things. Small pleasures that are often memories of our childhood.  We remember about those times in which we lived slowly, do activities to occupy free time and we relax, and made this short list:

5 reasons (irresistibles) to visit us

A new landscape to discover: Already gave you some clues, but let surprise yourself and discover without map or local references where nature still holds in its purest state: drink pure spring water, find nests in the trees, make the company to a shepherd, climb to the top of a mountain and enjoy the view. Will surely create unforgettable memories.

Flavors with soul: Discover the authentic flavors of Beira, tempered by the best smoked meats, cheese, roast lamb, convent sweets, meat bread, and sparkling wines.

Rest with time and wonder: It will take time to have a picnic in the shade of a chestnut tree, watch the setting of the sun in a gazebo, dozing by the fireplace, picking mushrooms or fruit from the trees, read a book in the courtyard. Viva o dolce fare niente.

Breathe history and heritage: Populated lands since prehistoric times, is orcas and dolmens, ancient churches and monasteries, manor houses and pillories.

Water and Mountains: With the company’s nature finds place for the practice of many sports, with a vast expanse of water and mountains, you can go canoeing, fishing, Trekking, mountain biking, TT, Downhill, hunting …