There are many shrines and churches in this region. 

Lady of Health: in Fonte Arcada this festivity is held on fortnight after Easter, and is preceded by a novena preaching. The celebration was known for its procession, in which the cars of oxen carried the stands of the Lady Needs. From the Borralheira hilltop, redolent of pine and chestnut trees, where you enjoy a rare panorama, with Rio Távora bathing the village and the surrounding hills. It is one of the most fantastic sights of the county and is home to one of the most complete and interesting shrines in the region. There is where Our Lady of Needs is venerated in 15th of August each year. Around the chapel, there is the

House of the Hermit (guarding the alms of the faithful), the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Meeting, the House of Miracles, the House of Hoe, the social area, the altar of the camp masses, hill of the Calvary and the Sacred Way of the Weak. It is an interesting space where you can have a picnic, stroll through pine forests, or solely rest. From the church to the chapel to the sound of Zés Pereira barrels. At the same time the compound of the sanctuary hosts a trade show, at the same time of the franchised medieval fair, but now adapted to modern times. The Lady of Health is the second largest pilgrimage in the county, by faith and mysticism that awakens the pilgrims, and the commitment that the people deposited in the organization.

Our Lady of Near The Cross: takes place on May the 3rd. The day of the patron saint is also a municipal holiday. The celebrations takes place in the hills of Santa Cruz, where the Mass is held, popular socializing and entertainment. The parachute jumping on party grounds is already part of the tradition. The water that flows by the side of the chapel doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, but is around the granite tables, covered by the shade of pine trees, in which families come together and share meals that day, fulfilling a ritual that has passed from generation to generation . It is worth coming to these festivals.

The Saints Fair: in the winter, on the first Sunday of November it is when this fair takes place. It is an achievement that draws crowds, where fresh agricultural products, traditional sweets and unique pieces of local crafts are sold. In a nutshell, it is a cultural event that takes place at a time of great religious symbolism.