The trails, duly marked, are a way to explore the best of nature, discover all the secrets, observe the different species of flora and fauna and then simply forget the stress of day-to-day.

Nature and Heritage is what you’ll find while a pleasant walk.

Sernancelhe village route: provides a detailed tour of the county seat. It is a tour that must be done on foot, without haste, and predisposed to enjoy the numerous testimonies of local architecture.

Route NossaSenhora da Lapa path: starting from the seat of the county towards the NossaSenhora da Lapa, you can enjoy a location that can transform their religious backgrounds in a business card. Later still in this path, we offer you a visit to the land and the house where Aquilino Ribeiro was born, one of the greatest Portuguese writers of the twentieth century.

Route between the hills and the river:
The first part of the journey goes through villages where agricultural gestures are still very present in everyday life of the locals. The granite houses bear witness to the attachment of the people of these villages to their environment and secular practice of subsistence agriculture. The second part of the route takes place along the river Távora. Riverside villages such as Faia and Fonte Arcada are a good reason to a long visit, as they offer ideal leisure areas for a late afternoon in the Summer.

Saw Pereira route:
Dominated by the deep green valley, the mountain carries the weight of various shrines where faith and devotion to the saints originates imposing festivals, such as the Our Lady of Near The Cross. A visit to the Monastery of the Ribeira and the granite town that surrounds it is a must. Finally, you can always delight yourself with the trouts and the little-fish-from-the-river that Abbot Bridge restaurants cook up the old fashioned way.

Pedestrian Route of the Chestnut and Chestnuttree:
The Route of the Chestnut and Chestnut, is the most important pedestrian route from the Municipality of Sernancelhe, it goes through the Harvest Way, located on the slope of Our Lady of Near The Cross, facing the seat of county. It is a fraught area of groves and chestnut trees and is considered one of the fastest chestnut producing area. It is also one of the most beautiful slopes of the entire municipality, since it conjugates groves with centuries of existence with new plantations of such trees.

Usefultips for hikers:
Choose a noted and recognized by the respective City Hall rail (such as those mentioned above!)
Use appropriate footwear
Take a waterproof jacket to protect yourself in case of rain
Bring sunscreen, a flashlight in case of dusk, a map of the route or a mobile phone with GPS
Go as a group or more than one person
Always have fresh water, fruit and energy bars to have small meals.